An Immersive Performance Experience For An Ascending Civilization

The Great Awakening is a vast, immersive, experiential and transformative theater piece that takes participants through the profound transition currently unfolding on planet Earth. An old, fear-ridden and corrupt society is ending, and a new, enlightened one is being born. This transition is happening right now, worldwide on a massive scale. Our aim is for our audience to experience the essence of this transition by exposing the long, dark shadows of the old world, creating awareness, clarity and healing, and revealing the empowering ways individuals and communities are evolving beyond old, isolationist paradigms into a harmonious New Earth.

The show straddles and embodies this profound shift, introducing participants intensely to the current matrix and control structures of our society, shining light on the truth of our existence, and modeling a new, co-creative way forward to those who feel the call. The performance will be fun, sexy, adventurous, chaotic, poetic and potentially, very triggering. Our hope is that by creating an environment where people can directly experience the false controls of our old society and the vital, natural Oneness of the new, participants will be opened and awakened to the truths explored. Immersive theater is the ideal medium to experience all sides of this transition—from the controversial and controlled to the epic and co-creative—as by coming together, revealing the darkness, and stepping together into the light, we might emerge more as One.

Our expected opening is the springtime of 2020 in Las Vegas, NV